Chalk Paints in NZ

Chalk Paints

As one of the world leading experts in paint and colour, Annie Sloan has developed chalk paints that are not only fun to use, but easy too.
For most surfaces, her decorative paint, Chalk Paints, offers the ultimate in flexibility. Available in colours that can be mixed together, lightened or darkened.

Chalk Paint® can be thickened or thinned. Chalk Paint can be used used as a wash or even a dye. Seal it with clear Chalk Paint® Wax or Annie Sloan Lacquer.

Annie’s Wall Paint offers strength, durability, and a scrubbable matt finish. This makes it perfect for walls and ceilings with no need to finish with wax.
Gorgeous results have never been so simple and straightforward!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paints

Annie Sloan authoring 26 internationally sold books. Hereby Annie transformed the world of furniture paint with the creation of her own brand of decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990.

Annie’s fine-art background and contagious enthusiasm for decorative painting has motivated both home painters and experienced professionals, unlocking countless creative potentials over the last 30 years.

Brushes & Tools

Annie Sloan has carefully designed a collection of chalk paint brushes and tools that are the perfect match for Chalk Paints.
They make painting, waxing, stencilling, stamping and colour-mixing quick, easy and fun.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth finish or textured brushwork. Annie’s brushes give you the freedom to express your personal style.

Our Decorative Art Rollers offer a wonderful creative tool to create pattern and design and are SO fun to work with. I want everyone to try them! Discover the unlimited possibilities of pattern and texture that you can create with APS Decorative Art Rollers. Each roller is made of high-quality rubber and measures 7″ long by 2″ diameter. Use a single roller pattern or combine several different patterns to create infinite variety of surface treatments. They are designed to roll through WET paint, glaze, textures, plasters and more. Create unique finishes that are fast, fun and easy. For more detailed information on Fauxy Rollers, head HERE.

Chalk Paint and Waxes

Waxes & Finishes

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Waxes

Alongside her unique and hugely versatile decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, Annie Sloan has developed a whole range of products that will help you achieve wonderful results quickly and easily. These include crackle varnish, gilding sets, lacquers and decoupage varnish – everything you need to become an accomplished decorative painter.


The APS Metallic Foils provide an easy way to add that extra sparkle, shine or glow to your decorative painting projects. Metallic Foils are made from a thin layer of non-reactive metallic sheets that are fused to a clear cellophane.